Our Services

Building and Construction Works

  • Improvement and the renovation of existing buildings.
  • Landscaping and horticulture.
  • land preparation for water cultivation.
  • Planning and design architectural plans.
  • Preparation of working drawings and Bills of Quantities.
  • Supervision and actual construction of all cadres and buildings.

Civil Engineering Construction Works

(i) Water Supply:

  • Planning and design irrigation systems.
  • Construction of water supply systems for domestic and industrial purposes.
  • Drilling and equipping of underground water and boreholes.
  • Sinking and equipping of shallow wells.
  • Construction/ installation of masonry and steal water tanks.
  • Construction of water treatment works and reticulation systems.
  • Design and construction of fish ponds.

ii) Road works:

  • Design and Construction of road drainage works.
  • Designing and construction of access bridges and culverts.
  • Murraming, foaming and the grading of access roads.

In addition to the services given above Towfiq Building Construction & Transporting Co. Ltd ;-

  • Basically offers technical advice to individuals and organizations. This is for all the organizations as well as persons interested in the field of  Building and Construction.
  • Carries on the business of drawing the plans of Building and Construction of houses and buildings.
  • Preparation of Bills of Quantities for its customers, executing all the works  from the start to finish.
  • Helps in the interpretation of the plans into the actual buildings on the ground.
  • Enhancing a good working relationship with all its customers as well as their clients. This is to enhance a good working relationship for all.
  • Engages in the Building and construction of culverts and access bridges, road construction and repair.
  • Renovation of old building to have a better and a beautiful finish.
  • Hastily building and constructing the new modes of houses of the current market value to meet the desires of our customers.
  • Partakes in the construction of dams, fishponds, water tanks, house floors and construction of drainage works.